Do you have all of your equipment lined up and with you on the set? 

Though other members of your crew will be checking for things, it will be a benefit for you to have the checklist in advance and check the items physically way before production begins.  You want to have that special filter ready for that scene later in the afternoon.  Sometimes that scene may be shifted to be done earlier in the day.  If you thought you would pick up the filter at lunch time and did not have it ready, you could be liable for holding up production.  Don't let that hold up be placed on you. 

Prepare even the day/night before to make sure you have everything you need.  Those who could determine your next production will be pleased and make a wonderful note/recommendation for you! 

In this phase of production, the Director, Producer, or such, will discuss the shots with you before the production, to see if such shots are a possibility. Don’t be a daredevil and put yourself and/or the cast/crew at risk if something is just absolutely too too risky, like diving off of Mount Everest with the Talent/Stunt-Guy to capture the shot close-up. Thank God for Green Screens!


With your equipment list with you and the equipment needed already there on the set, you're ready to roll!

Have a blast of a time as you communicate with the Director as to which lenses are needed, which shots to capture, what type of lighting/lighting effects are to be set up with the shots, etc. Also, be in key communication with the Sound Technician and make sure things are in sync from both ends. If something is just not working (which can clearly be seen by you through the camera that is not right) but is not noticeable from the Director’s standpoint, please wisely communicate such. Everyone will be glad for this in the long run.


On some rare occasions, some extra footage will need to be captured/recorded during the editing phase. Sometimes this will include talent. Other times, it may be an establishing shot or what not. Rarely does this happen, but, it can, at times. Still be a trooper and keep working with the “team” that you are a part of.