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HEY, CREATIVE ONE! Top Factors of Production will improve your projects!

HEY, CREATIVE ONE! Top Factors of Production will improve your projects!

HEY, CREATIVE ONE! Top Factors of Production will improve your projects! HEY, CREATIVE ONE! Top Factors of Production will improve your projects!





Going to the right stores: vintage shops, second-hand stores, department stores, etc. all determine what type of believable attire each character will wear on the set.  

What type of characters are you dressing in this production? Women in a bingo club? Men of war in 1943? War in 1972? Children who live in an orphanage? Kids of royalty? Those on a planet 2000 years in the future? This list is endless. Be open to researching the true believable possibilities of a variety of looks for the socioeconomic background, the location, the time period, etc. Additionally, it’s always good to have your group of stores and locations where you already have discounted deals set up. With your professional friendly communication with these businesses, you may have a planet’s worth of costumes to choose from at a very reasonable cost! Have fun while you’re doing your research.



Determining the type of believable, convincing look of each character, you need the right makeup foundation, eye makeup, lipsticks, powders, makeup effects, etc.

Are you doing makeup for models in a competition in the movie? Are you making up a plain Jane who is to look as if she’s wearing no makeup? Are you making a young actor look older or making an older actor regain 10 years of their youth back? Is the actor one race or character in one scene and a completely different character in another scene? We’ve seen this, where one talented actor plays more than one role in the same movie and looks like completely different people. This can also be considered in makeup effects, but still, makeup. Once the cast is determined, you and your crew will meet with each cast member who has any special steps to be made up for. With this, you can have the appropriate prep before production. Some productions will have their own makeup, but, at times, it’s always good to have your own makeup kit with a varied set of makeup for natural looks, sophisticated looks, older age tones, younger shade tones, colored hair sprays, etc. As you know, make up can be varied from one person and character to the next. 



The costumes are being placed on all the talent within the production. Make sure you have all of the materials on hand and have backup, with extra clothing, safety pins, needles and an array of sturdy colors of thread for things that may pop off or get ripped while a person is moving in action. It happens...It happens... Having a system and layout that your costume department as well as the talent can see within a flash of time (because they’re already concentrating on their lines and other responsibilities) it will make it as easy as pie. This way...costumes will be on hand when needed, checked out and checked back in daily to keep everything where it needs to be when it needs to be there. Order, organization, proper communication and consistency will pay off and have this department operating in a smooth flow during operations. Have fun and follow what systems have had success over the years. Different things can work for different productions. Talk to people whom you’ve known to be successful in this department. Observe what they do. Ask questions. Have fun with it all!


For each shade of actors, skin tones, set of features, etc. things will vary. In a production, there can be a lady, first tattered and torn and she suddenly transforms to a gleaming princess. Yes, plenty of Cinderella stories, but, the same actress can have two or more dramatically different looks within the same production. When you know in advance what is needed, you will have the set materials in advance. Also, remember to have makeup to touch up throughout those long shooting schedules. 


MAKEUP & COSTUME: Okay. Need we say it? Clean up!...Returning items to the appropriate places...Storage for the remaining items that can be used again!   Have a Sign-off list!  We love