• Is this a production you are launching in the studios? 
  • Will it be shown at home? 
  • Produced for a contest? 
  • In most movie theaters in the Country or the globe? 
  • Are you putting this film together on spec?  Wow...much faith...much faith... 

Whatever your marketing outcome...there are endless ways to distribute, display, show, air, etc. your production project. 

My production experiences have varied...working with movies funded by studios, movies funded by independent entertainment backers, movies funded by classmates, projects funded by myself... Did they all reach their desired audience? Some did. Some did not. 

With the Internet, more projects can reach audiences around the world in an inexpensive way.  

Whether your goal is to have your project playing in theaters everywhere or simply a personal movie for a loved one to encourage he or she...set that up in advance and have numerous avenues to utilize FOR REAL! 

Distribution costs vary from not cheap  to inexpensive.

Check into what your personal source is. If not, there should be individuals whom you trust who can refer you to reliable sources. 


  • Whether in a movie theater or sets of movie theaters (and there are so many independent theater owners that you can make deals with nowadays, get initial results and then expand your distribution options). 
  • Is it going straight to DVD with much marketing on that end to let people      know to rent or purchase it? 
  • Contests are also avenues to get your award winning work in distribution...but RESEARCH the contest and make sure it's legitimate and you're not just tossing money to them to file your application only. 

Get it in writing.  Also, for your Internet site, Display it there and advertise it for others to view there.  Make sure your work will be seen by the appropriate people and people who may be able to take your work further.


Remember....this is your baby that you've put much time and effort into! 

Wrap it up on a positive note. Be professional and still, have fun!