Passion 2 Create!

HEY, CREATIVE ONE! Top Factors of Production will improve your projects!

HEY, CREATIVE ONE! Top Factors of Production will improve your projects!

HEY, CREATIVE ONE! Top Factors of Production will improve your projects! HEY, CREATIVE ONE! Top Factors of Production will improve your projects!




Is it your own software and system you will be using on this production? Is it software and hardware that the studio or production company already has, waiting in the office for you to utilize? Will this be done on a PC? A Mac? Final Cut Pro? Avid...Pinnacle? Adobe Premiere?... 

Make sure you have ample knowledge of the system you're working with. For example, you can be one of the top driving instructors for a driving school. You've been working on this and teaching this for years and years with automatic vehicles. This is the only type of vehicle that you've ever driven. Then, you walk into a company who has just hired you to train a long list of driving students who have been signed up for a long time and the list keeps building...but the only vehicles there, with the company's insurances and coverage are stick shifts! Ahhh! Research, set up, discuss, have in writing...set it all up ahead of time and it will be that much more of a breeze so you can navigate your tasks as smoothly as possible! In most cases you know or will determine which editing software you will use for the project. 


In this phase, you, the Editor, along with the Director...are reviewing the dailies daily to see if any camera shots may need to be redone to work in the editing process. This is better when it's determined ahead of time with the footage so you can review the shots on the set before you move on to the next scene at times. 


This is where you will do the bulk of your work for each production.  As a note, the Technical Director and/or Editor is the one who will call the shots in the Editing room and have live recordings edited as the show takes place live.  Think of a TV Sit-Com or a Game Show.  By the time the recording is done, with the audience present, the majority of the editing that will air on TV or the Internet will be seen by the audience with them in their seats in the studio.  

With the film, the talented and patient Editor furthers the final shots with the smooth transitions from one shot to the next, one scene to the next through to completion. Your communication as an Editor can bring about wonderful techniques to the production that we Producers may be new to. Your tips/expertise can make a great effect better! I know from working with some talented editors on some projects. This can add to the real response/effect you are looking to receive from your audience. With a variety of coverage being recorded...this can aid dramatically (yes, pun intended) when certain shots/transitions do not work out as expected during the production phase (I've been there, too! Hey! It happens!).  Be creative and patient. Editing can take much much time, not counting the finalizing of the footage after the shots are selected.

Have an ear for sound that needs to be adjusted, etc. Of course,  the musical soundtrack and additional effects further heightens the desired effects of your valued projects!