Passion 2 Create!

HEY, CREATIVE ONE! Top Factors of Production will improve your projects!

HEY, CREATIVE ONE! Top Factors of Production will improve your projects!

HEY, CREATIVE ONE! Top Factors of Production will improve your projects! HEY, CREATIVE ONE! Top Factors of Production will improve your projects!




There are numerous songs in public domain and certain songs that you can pay someone to use in your story, though it’s really advertising their music. 

Speaking of this, if any of you have song writing skills, INCLUDE YOUR SONGS, AFTER GETTING THEM COPYRIGHTED (U.S. Copyrighting Office) AND REGISTERED (BMI/ASCAP), THEN FEEL FREE TO USE THEM IN THE STORY. Not only could it move the audience in the emotional way you want them to, this can also rake up music sales for you. If you have this additional talent, go ahead and use it, too! This way, you will not have to pay others to use their songs AND you can make additional funds from CD cells of your own work. 

Or, if you have other music artist whom you know who are quite talented and creative, cool stuff! I've come across individuals, from Pre-production to Post-Production or from Above-the-line to Below-the-line who have musical skills and can include them. Just ask. You may never know what genius you have around you if you do not ask. The powers that be will discuss if they foresee any type of particular songs in the story. What type of FEEL is brought about in certain portions of scenes that will generate an effect, a response, a move in the audience. You are prepping the audience for this in what you play or don't play during the numerous scenes with the appropriate intensities in the story. 


Many times, music is created after the scenes are recorded and things are in Post.  While the footage is being captured, during Production, be proactive and literally in the "presence" of the scenes.  Sometimes here, directly, in person, you can  "feel" the emotions of the actors.  This can also help you generate that attention grabbing music in a more effective way.  You can feel, hear, smell and taste the emotions present...and express such in a deeper sense when you generate the scores. 

As much in advance as possible, if any particular scenes are edited out of the movie, your knowledge of this will eliminate writing any unnecessary scores.  Keep up with this during your search or creation of music for the production.


At times, music can make or break a production. Whether Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Jazz, Classical music, Gospel, Country, Instrumental music, etc...if the right sounds and beats and lyrics are placed in the right portions of the story it can make a great production better. For instance, when you think of, say, "Jaws"...what music comes to mind...? "Nightmare on Elm Street"? "Alvin and the Chipmunks"? "ET?" "Back to the Future"? "Ghost Busters"? "Titanic"?... In Post, with the scenes edited, this is most likely the main, key, essential time that you will relax in your "sanctuary" as you confirm which type of music will bring about the desired result that the Writers, Directors, Actors, etc... have brought out in this piece. 

Music can also create emotions from us viewers as the acting does.  Keep this in mind.